Electric Airless Sprayers

Impact™ Series Electric Airless

Impact™ 440

Gallons Per Minute .54

The IMPACT™ 440 is ideally suited for residential, property maintenance, and small commercial applications. This high performance electric airless sprayer will apply all standard architectural primer, paints, and coatings efficiently.

Impact™ 540

Gallons Per Minute .60

The Impact™ 540 is a step-up performer designed for more extended use in residential, municipal, property maintenance, and small commercial applications where a greater degree of performance is required on a steady and consistent basis.

Impact™ 640

Gallons Per Minute .70

The IMPACT™ 640 continues the climb to increased performance. This mid-range unit is perfect for residential, property maintenance, rental, and light commercial applications and is equipped with digital technology for improved efficiency.

Impact™ 740

Gallons Per Minute .80

Heavier coatings call for more power and performance. Time to invest in the IMPACT™ 740, designed for extended, heavy-duty performance on larger residential and commercial projects. This is the sprayer contractors turn to when the time comes to larger projects.

Impact™ 840

Gallons Per Minute 1.0

As the projects get more complicated and the work day draws out longer, it's time for the IMPACT™ 840, a sprayer with more features and versatility for greater variety of large residential, commercial - and even industrial - applications.  This is the sprayer contractors turn to when the time comes to expand their business to tackle major projects.

Impact™ 1140

Gallons Per Minute 1.2

For big projects requiring large tip sizes, or more than one spray gun operating from a single unit, you can rely on the power and performance of the IMPACT™ 1140. This workhorse is perfect for large residential, commercial, and industrial applications where speed and power are necessary to get the job done faster and with greater efficiency.

Advantage™ Series Electric Airless

Advantage™ 400

Gallons Per Minute .47

The ADVANTAGE™ 400 was designed to minimize size and weight and maximize performance. The ADVANTAGE™ 400 delivers the highest performance. It was built to deliver .47 GPM - making it the highest performing sprayer in its class and therefore ideal for smaller residential and commercial applications.

Advantage™ 1100

Gallons Per Minute 1.15

The ADVANTAGE™ 1100 is designed to be used everyday on all residential, industrial and commercial applications. This unit sprays all materials from stains, lacquer, enamel, latex, epoxies, block fillers and elastomerics.

Multi Finish 440 Air Assisted

Multi-Finish 440 Air Assisted


Gallons Per Minute .54

The leader in fine finish technology introduces the most versatile electric Air-Assisted Airless sprayer to date.

AirCoat Air Assisted

AirCoat Air Assisted

Gallons Per Minute .35

A powerful and versatile addition to the serious contractor's line-up of sprayers and application systems.



Gallons Per Minute .38

There will always be those minor - but still important and profitable projects where most sprayers are either too big or too powerful. For those jobs you need the compact, lightweight, dedicated finishing system that's easy to use, easy to transport and, most importantly, DEPENDABLE. For those projects and the contractors who tackle them, we designed the Titan ED655 Plus.