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Impact 400 SK

Impact® 400

When it comes to getting powerful performance at an affordable price, nothing comes close to the
Impact 400. Perfectly suited for residential, property maintenance and small commerci...

Impact 440 SK

Impact® 440

Step up to the #1 selling sprayer in the industry, the Titan Impact 440! The Titan Impact 440 is ideally suited for residential, property maintenance and small commercial applications. Th...

Impact 540 HR

Impact® 540

The Impact 540 is a step-up performer designed for more extended use in residential, municipal, property maintenance, and small commercial applications where a greater degree of performan...

Impact 640 HR

Impact® 640

Only Available in South America!

The IMPACT 640 continues the climb to increased performance. This mid-range unit is perfect for residential, property maintenance, rental, ...

Impact 740 HR

Impact® 740

The Impact 740 is designed for extended, heavy-duty performance on larger residential and commercial projects. This is the sprayer contractors turn to when the time comes to enter the big...

Impact 1040

Impact® 1040

For big projects requiring large tip sizes or more than one spray gun operating from a single unit, you can rely on the power and performance of the Impact 1040. This workhorse is perfect...