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Impact® 440

2.0 Liter Per Minute

Step up to the #1 selling sprayer in the industry, the Titan Impact 440! The Titan Impact 440 is ideally suited for residential, property maintenance and small commercial applications. This high performance electric airless sprayer will apply all standard architectural primers, paints and coatings efficiently.

Quad + Packings

Electronic Pressure Control with Rapid Clean

Faster flushing and clean-up.


Full-Sized Manifold Filter

Filter handles more paint, preventing abrasives from reaching the gun tip.

No Wearable Cylinder

Extra Deep Holster

Keeps strainer in liquid to keep pump moist.

    • 2.0 l/min
    • .023" (0.58 mm)
    • 221 bar
    • 17.9 kg
    • 1.035 kW
    Product Part #
    Skid Version (230V)0532035
    Skid Version (120V)*805-000C

    The Impact 440 comes with RX-Pro Gun, 517 SC-6+ Tip and 1/4" x 15 m Airless Hose.


    *Only Available in South America

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