PowrLiner 2850

Leave your mark in all the right places

The PowrLiner™ 2850 is designed to withstand the rigors of steady, everyday use on pavement, fields and turf. It’s the perfect intermediate line striper for contractors who need a maneuverable, medium-duty line striper for projects where the big machines just aren’t profitable to operate. Recommended for medium-sized projects on all parking lots and athletic fields.
Sprays latex and oil based field and pavement marking coatings

  • Versatile gun bracket position gun to spray on left, right, front or rear of striper
  • Stripe with either 1 or 2 guns
  • Long lasting fluid section has slower-stroking piston, slower cycle rate and larger displacement
  • Easy to maneuver makes tight turns and stenciling fast
  • Holds 5-Gallon Paint Pail
  • Front swivel caster tracks straight and unlocks for easier maneuvering
  • Adjustable handles telescoping handles for added comfort
  • Removable gun for full stenciling capability