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Take control of the job site with a Titan paint sprayer

Paint sprayers provide several major benefits on the job site, helping contractors simplify the process and achieve a better spray in a complete range of applications. If you’ve been looking for an added boost to your next project, paint sprayers are proven to deliver both in the home and in professional settings. Titan paint sprayers cover a wide variety of coatings and applications:

Coatings: lacquer, polyurethane, latex, acrylic, alkyds, drywall, block filler, joint compound, elastomeric, and more

Applications: residential, commercial, fine finishing, industrial, and more

Benefits of Titan paint sprayers

Efficiency – Paint sprayers allow contractors to drastically increase productivity up to 10 times as fast vs a brush and roller system. They are perfect for spraying both small and large projects in a fraction of the time compared to other methods. Simply pull the trigger and let the pump and spray gun do the work for you.

Mobility – Getting around the job site with heavy machinery can often be a challenging and even dangerous task – but not for contractors who make use of paint sprayers. Many of Titan’s industry-best sprayers features pneumatic tires to make navigation a breeze.

Consistent spray – Success in painting is all about a full and even coat across every square inch of the project surface. Paint sprayers provide total control in laying down a uniform layer from start to finish – and they do it quickly.

Versatility – Paint sprayers perform in essentially any environment and application, proven to deliver an advantage for residential and commercial applications, as well as in field marking, pavement marking, protective coatings, and more.

The Titan advantage

The benefits of paint sprayers are compounded when you purchase from Titan. Product innovation is in our blood, having spent decades creating the toughest and most powerful paint sprayers in the industry to help serious contractors get the job done right.

When you purchase from Titan, you’re not just getting the best paint sprayer available – you’re also taking advantage of the full support of the Titan community and nationwide dealer network. Our in-field and tech support serve to answer any painter in need, anytime. The Titan Connector also allows you to access manuals, check coating and sprayer compatibility, and more from any device.

Contact us today to find the Titan dealer nearest you and start streamlining your next project with the help of the best paint sprayers in the industry.