Focus 700

Focus 700
With only one device you are able to spray paints, laquers and even stains. Quick and easy change of materials and paints in just one step. Optimal suited for small and medium sized projects up to 50 m².

  • High Productivity: XVLP Spraying Sysrtem has the productivity of an airless using a 413 tip.
  • Professional Finish: Provides a professional XVLP-style finish.
  • 10X the Life: Than a hand held airless sprayer.
  • Wide Pattern: Adjust your spray pattern from 1 to 14 inches and quickly change from
    a horizontal to vertical pattern with the turn of the nozzle.
  • Quick-Change System: Change your coating or application on the fly.
  • Ergonomic Handle: Comfortable to carry plus easy to wrap hose and store gun.